Solavei Announcement-Solavei Summer Cash Splash! 6-17-13

Solavei Announcement-Solavei Summer Cash Splash! 6/17/13

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Ryan Wuerch shares his latest vision and promos for Solavei going into our one year anniversary! Some key points:
There have been a lot of news stories written lately such as this latest Engadget article!…
Over 200,000 members have joined up with Solavei in the past nine months.
JD Powers info has Solavei more than doubling the largest mobile operator in the country with social impressions online and socially; Over 75 million impressions!
Solavei has a 97% Net Positive Customer Siemens rating.
There is over a 30% increase in daily enrollments happening in Solavei.
Many members are getting new interest and enrollment by branding their cars with Solavei and by wearing their Solavei gear!
On September 21st we will have the “All In Solavei Bash”! This is our one year anniversary.
The 4g nationwide $49 plan is just a starting point for Solavei’s social commerce vision and revolution.
All thousandaires and above will be invited to be a part of the LIVE party in Seattle on September 21st.
The live event will be broadcast all over the United States at Solavei Bash home parties!
If you are one of the first 500 members to enroll 3 Trios between June 1st and September 1st, you will get a party box to host your own event.
Solavei’s newest promo is the Summer Cash Splash! Every new member who enrolls from 6/17 – 6/30th and activates service by 7/15 will receive $50 cash on their Solavei purple pay card on September 12th if still active!
The 3 Solavei members that enroll the most members for social service between now and June 30th will be flown into Seattle with airfare and hotel paid for!!
Solavei is not a mobile service provider, but a social commerce company, positively impacting members.
Solavei’s Share Blast is kicking off this week: The goal is to have 200,000 outreaches shared from Solavei outreach in the next two weeks!
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