Solavei 2013 Vision Webinar

Listen to Ryan Wuerch, Jim Ryan, Staci Wallace and others share the vision for where Solavei is headed in 2013.  Solavei is inviting you to join their 1k club and become part of an army of “thousandaires” bringing home $1000 a month in residual income.  Catch Solavei’s vision for the future and watch the social revolution take place in 2013.

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Solavei wants to put the money spent on advertising back in the hands of it’s members.  We are paid to share the vision with others.  When 3 others sign up through your link, you will earn $20 month.  When you sign up 3 people in your first 60 days, you will get a $50 bonus.  Sign up 3 more people with Solavei in your first 60 days and get another $50 bonus.  Invite 3 more friends to sign up with Solavei and when they do, receive another $50.  Up to $200!

How would you like to be able to pay for Christmas without having to dip into your vacation fund?  How about even have a vacation fund?  How would you like to get paid for using your Solavei paycard at your favorite retailers?  How would you like to become a part of Solavei’s 1k club?  Join the 1k challenge and you’ll have the opportunity to earn an all expense paid cruise aboard the Royal Carribean’s Oasis of the Seas! Come to Solavei and sign up to to take the challenge with me!

Solavei is changing lives with with their financial compensation plan.  Will  you let Solavei change your life?  Even if it’s just paying less for your phone bill?  Join my husband, myself, and many others who have chosen to become a part of Solavei’s social revolution simply by sharing a service we love.

Many Blessings!

Aaron & Cathy Vail

727-433-TRIO (8746)

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