Solavei Announcement-Solavei Summer Cash Splash! 6-17-13

Solavei Announcement-Solavei Summer Cash Splash! 6/17/13

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Ryan Wuerch shares his latest vision and promos for Solavei going into our one year anniversary! Some key points:
There have been a lot of news stories written lately such as this latest Engadget article!…
Over 200,000 members have joined up with Solavei in the past nine months.
JD Powers info has Solavei more than doubling the largest mobile operator in the country with social impressions online and socially; Over 75 million impressions!
Solavei has a 97% Net Positive Customer Siemens rating.
There is over a 30% increase in daily enrollments happening in Solavei.
Many members are getting new interest and enrollment by branding their cars with Solavei and by wearing their Solavei gear!
On September 21st we will have the “All In Solavei Bash”! This is our one year anniversary.
The 4g nationwide $49 plan is just a starting point for Solavei’s social commerce vision and revolution.
All thousandaires and above will be invited to be a part of the LIVE party in Seattle on September 21st.
The live event will be broadcast all over the United States at Solavei Bash home parties!
If you are one of the first 500 members to enroll 3 Trios between June 1st and September 1st, you will get a party box to host your own event.
Solavei’s newest promo is the Summer Cash Splash! Every new member who enrolls from 6/17 – 6/30th and activates service by 7/15 will receive $50 cash on their Solavei purple pay card on September 12th if still active!
The 3 Solavei members that enroll the most members for social service between now and June 30th will be flown into Seattle with airfare and hotel paid for!!
Solavei is not a mobile service provider, but a social commerce company, positively impacting members.
Solavei’s Share Blast is kicking off this week: The goal is to have 200,000 outreaches shared from Solavei outreach in the next two weeks!
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Solavei and Social Commerce

Solavei and Social Commerce

Solavei is changing the way business is done through Solavei and Social Commerce. Almost all definitions of Social Commerce are focused on some sort of online presence. Usually limiting the social experience limited to consumer side regarding specific products.
Solavei is taking it a step further by removing the focus on specific products as well as removing the necessity for online focus.
Solavei started with Mobile Service. A service that millions of Americans use everyday. In the United States, the average cell phone bill is $70. So, Unlimited text, talk, and data at $49 a month is a good start. So good in fact that other GSM cellular providers have changed their plans to come close to Solavei’s pricing. But where they don’t match is in the referral program. For every group of three, you get $20 back a month, as long as they stay active. So 9 people means free service, as long as those nine stay active. More is just extra cash in your pocket. There is more to the compensation plan which I will go into in another post.
What Solavei is doing soon is next is bringing social commerce out to the real world. Agreements have been made with companies like Walmart, Sam’s Club, Publix, GameStop, Home Depot, Kohl’s, Best Buy, and many many more. The details of those agreements are not released yet, but could be Cash Back, exclusive daily deals, or even exclusive coupons for Solavei Members. Here is a picture of the slide that was announced at the Solavei Orlando Regional.
Solavei and Social Commerce - Companies
What other mobile service provider can do that? Even if you do not sign anyone up the discounts at these stores makes Solavei worth while. But if you sign up nine people, free cell phone service AND store discounts is an amazing deal. One that is worth signing up for.
If you choose to work Solavei as a business and generate another source of income, Solavei and Social Commerce is the way to go. With our team and the trainings that we have put together, as well as the support and encouragement we as a team provide, this Solavei Revolution is going to explode!
Solavei and Social Commerce is just beginning with Mobile Service and Solavei Retail. They are working on Solavei Energy, Solavei Internet, and Solavei Cable as the next projects to add to the Solavei Brand, as well as expanding Mobile Service Globally!
This is the beginning, the time is now, Solavei and Social Commerce is going to change the way business is done, as well as make Social Commerce a true Social Commerce and remove the internet exclusiveness of social commerce and make it truly social!
If you are ready to Get In Get Social & Get Free, let’s get you enrolled now! You will be glad you did!

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Solavei 2013 Vision Webinar

Listen to Ryan Wuerch, Jim Ryan, Staci Wallace and others share the vision for where Solavei is headed in 2013.  Solavei is inviting you to join their 1k club and become part of an army of “thousandaires” bringing home $1000 a month in residual income.  Catch Solavei’s vision for the future and watch the social revolution take place in 2013.

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Solavei wants to put the money spent on advertising back in the hands of it’s members.  We are paid to share the vision with others.  When 3 others sign up through your link, you will earn $20 month.  When you sign up 3 people in your first 60 days, you will get a $50 bonus.  Sign up 3 more people with Solavei in your first 60 days and get another $50 bonus.  Invite 3 more friends to sign up with Solavei and when they do, receive another $50.  Up to $200!

How would you like to be able to pay for Christmas without having to dip into your vacation fund?  How about even have a vacation fund?  How would you like to get paid for using your Solavei paycard at your favorite retailers?  How would you like to become a part of Solavei’s 1k club?  Join the 1k challenge and you’ll have the opportunity to earn an all expense paid cruise aboard the Royal Carribean’s Oasis of the Seas! Come to Solavei and sign up to to take the challenge with me!

Solavei is changing lives with with their financial compensation plan.  Will  you let Solavei change your life?  Even if it’s just paying less for your phone bill?  Join my husband, myself, and many others who have chosen to become a part of Solavei’s social revolution simply by sharing a service we love.

Many Blessings!

Aaron & Cathy Vail

727-433-TRIO (8746)

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Welcome to our Solavei Blog!

Hi!  Let me introduce myself…I’m Cathy!  My husband’s name is Aaron and together we are here to help you make Solavei the best opportunity you’ve ever had.  And if you just want cell service, we’re here to help with that too.  We hope to provide you unbiased reviews on cell phones as well as tips and tricks to help you get started.  Let us know how we can help you!

This is my husband and I at the Solavei Launch Tour in Tampa!

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